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23 November 2013 @ 01:39 am
Oh livejournal. You are the one place I can still turn to when I am feeling maudlin and want to talk/vent, but don't want all my friends to ask a million questions.

This upcoming holiday weekend marks 5 years since I last saw and spoke to the first man I ever truly loved. The last time I ever heard from him at all was in in email a few months later. His words broke my heart in ways I never thought anyone could break it, but they say the ones you love are the ones who hurt you the most.

Now I honestly don't know what hurts more: The sting of his words, as fresh today as then, or his total absence from my life.

Since the very first moment I met him I loved him and I always will.
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Tunes: If Time Is All I Have-James Blunt
29 October 2013 @ 10:10 pm
So... The majority of my posts will probably all be in my community, The Killer Hiccup, which I am too lazy to link to right now.
09 March 2013 @ 03:42 pm
Wow. My last post was almost 9 months ago. Shit, it's like blogs/livejournal is dying and I've had no reason to be here. Actually, I have been makeing posts to my movies review blog, and I'm just posting here right now to plug it to the few friends I have here who aren't on facebook.


Also, all my friends who reddit should follow/suscribe to my subreddit r/JeffreyCombs.
12 May 2012 @ 12:58 pm
My brain decided I needed to have commercials in my dreams and this is what it came up with last night.

(Gemma and Tick appear on screen)Welcome to Blairs Bondage, Soundproofing, and Roofing! Are you a Dom without a dungeon? A Sub with no shackles? Neighbors complaining about screaming? Or just an average Joe with a leaky roof? Come on down or give us a call and we'll send out one of our 5 techs(pictures appear on screen of Phill, Keith, Collin, Doug, and Hal) to listen to your needs and give you an estimate. Like the cut of the Techs collar(shows all 5, wearing different styles of collars)? After the job is done, for just $50 an hour they will help you break in your new play area. So head on down to Blairs Bondage, Soundproofing, and Roofing, where even a Subs wish is our command.(All 7 in front of large store with BLAIRS in neon purple lights)
21 January 2012 @ 11:12 pm
Who is the last person you hugged?
My wonderful son Ezra.
15 November 2011 @ 10:34 am
Went to the doctor last week and finally got a referral to a specialist for my wrist problems, but I wrote down the wrong name because I couldn't understand my doctors accent. Tried just looking the guy up but can't find him. Calling my doctors office back this afternoon, no one is in right now. I also had blood taken to see if there is a medical reason for the non-stop headache I've had for over a month now. Some days it's bordering on migraine, other days it's just a slight annoyance. Getting my eyes checked tomorrow afternoon to see if maybe needing glasses is the cause. Haven't had my eyes checked in a few years so this is a possibility.

Sold my car to my moms first husband officially last Friday. It was just sitting useless in our driveway. He will be paying for it over the next few weeks, and when he's done my fine will be paid off and I'll be able to take the class I need to take to be able to drive again.

Had a job interview yesterday. Waiting to hear back. I both do and don't want this job. I do because I need a damn job. I don't because it looks like my shift will start before my parents, who are my main ride and babysitters, get home from world. This means it will be a hassle to get to work and have someone to watch Ezra, at least until I've made enough to buy a new car. The job: waitress in a truck stop diner. Would much rather work in the gas station half of the truck stop, but the diner was hiring and the gas station wasn't.

Spent all yesterday after the interview lining up rides/sitters for Ezra and myself in case I do get hired. Looks like I have everything in order. With Dan buying my car, which in turn is paying off all my fines/classes, depending on how much I make(if I get hired) I should have a new to me car by the end of January.

Haven't done shit for NaNoWriMo. Keep meaning to but don't. Just no motivation/desire/inspiration this year. Just keep working little by little on my zombie story.
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04 November 2011 @ 10:25 am
So I forgot to post here for most of last month. Here's the other 7 horror movies I watched.

25. Big Tit Zombies(2010): The name lies. There are zombies, but no big tits. From Japan so the fact that this movie is confusing is a given. Not really recommended.

26. Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer(2007): Goofy horror. Yet another Robert Englund. He's in a lot of horror, and I happen to have seen, or plan on seeing, most of them.

27. Diary Of The Dead(2008): Interesting for the way it was shot. It really helps make you feel like this really happened and that you are really there living it too.

28. Survival Of The Dead(2009): Another I liked that my friends don't seem to. I liked the turn in the story and following characters from a previous movie was an added treat

29. The Last Man on Earth(1964): As always Vincent Price was a joy to watch. The man was an amazing actor. Best adaptation of I am Legend I've seen. ~ 1st time seen

30. White Zombie(1932): Another classic that I waited too long to watch.A must for everyone.

31. The Nightmare Before Christmas(1993): One of my favorite movies. Watched as part of a Disney Marathon, along with about 5 other movies. Still singing the songs in my head.

NEVER GONNA WATCH AGAIN. Day Of The Dead(2008): I can handle remakes and bad movies, in fact I like quite a few. This is not one of them. To me this is like watching a failed cloning attempt flail around in pain and bloody anguish for over an hour before it finally dying.
11 October 2011 @ 11:42 pm
Was too tired last night to update. Think I'm going to go for as many movies this month as I can get because I could have the 31 done already if I really wanted to.

Day 6
21. The Masque of the Red Death(1964): Not what I was expecting, but not bad. Love Vincent Price and Edgar Allan Poe. ~ 1st time seen

22. A Nightmare On Elm Street(2010): I know alot of people don't like this remake, but I do. I think Jackie Haley did a very good job playing Freddy.

Day 7
23. Night Of The Living Dead(1990): First zombie movie I ever saw, or that I can say I knowingly saw. I was 10 and in 5th grade. Didn't realize it was a poor remake until years later.

24. Dawn Of The Dead(2004): I like that this was set in Wisconsin. I also like that it had Matt Frewer and Ty Burrell in it. Seen many times but Ijust watched the special features for the first time and really recomend the one from the gun shop owner POV.
09 October 2011 @ 10:41 pm
Took a few days off, but now back to the movies.

18. Flight of the Living Dead(2007): The zombie version of 'Snakes on a Plane'. Maybe. Never saw 'Snakes', but this movie is good. Another Kevin J. O'Connor movie.

19. A Nightmare On Elm Street(1984): A horror classic as far as I'm concerned. A lot cheesier than I remember it being. I have crazy love and respect for Robert Englund.

20. Stan Helsing(2009): Boyfriend had never seen and I had let him pick the movie. Not bad. Kind of stupid funny.
05 October 2011 @ 10:35 pm
14. Cube(1997): I think this just might be my favorite movie, if I had to pick just one that is. I remember seeing this just after it came out when I was about 11. It scared and enthralled me then and it still does. I have probably seen this movie more than any other movie out there.

15. The Comedy of Terrors(1963): Can't believe I've never watched before. I know it's a horror classic, but it kept me laughing the whole time. Vincent Price is always a delight. ~ 1st time seen

16. The Return of the Living Dead(1985): This is b. This is bad. I don't know why I watched this, but I might watch it again. Just ridiculous. ~ 1st time seen

17. Undead or Alive(2007): Zombie western. Starring Chris Kattan. An Ex found this for me. Probably the only good thing he ever did.